The JigSaw Puzzle Method to Creating Your Business Plan


Over the past several months I’ve been sharing some of the basic concepts, strategies, and tactics you need to build a solid Internet Marketing foundation. I’ve also shared the best resources, tools, and information available. I’ve encouraged you. I’ve nagged you. Heck, I’ve even browbeaten a few of you! And what have you done? No, […]

Social Media Marketing – From Frustrating to FANtastic in 7 Steps


Are you trying to market your products and services with social media because you think you are “supposed to”? You’re not alone. And you are probably feeling very frustrated because you aren’t seeing results. Let’s change that now… Here are 7 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy 1. Your Company Plan Before you […]

The Simple 4-Step Process to Creating Valuable Blog Content

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We’ve talked about Why a Blog Should be Your Marketing Cornerstone and The 3 Keys to Becoming the “Go To” Blog in your Niche; maybe it’s time to talk about how to create the actual content? Yea, I thought so…here we go… A little review… Content Marketing  means “creating and sharing valuable free content to […]

The 3 Keys to Becoming the “Go To” Blog in Your Niche


If you want traffic to your blog but don’t know where to start in getting it, this article is for you. Get a pen and paper ready, I’m giving you the place to start! This article is based on a webinar Derek Halpern at Social Triggers recently held called How to Get Your First 5000 […]