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What Tide vs All Really Taught Me

Marketing and Integrity

I didn’t know it at the time but the world as I knew it ended that day. The day Tide Detergent dissed All Detergent. I was young, I must have been about 10 or 11 but I had grown up in an unusual household. I was watching something on TV and a new Tide commercial […]

Maybe You Don’t Have What It Takes

It occurred to me… Justin Harrison just started following me on Twitter (@justinharrison). I don’t automatically follow everyone who follows me. I think having less followers who are in my target markets is more important than having 90 gazillion followers just for bragging rights. So I popped over to his site to check him out. Turns […]

Baby Steps vs Giant Leaps

It occurred to me… The growth, the progress, and the true magic happens when we take baby steps. When we try to take giant leaps, we trip. But the giant leaps turn dreams into goals. The baby steps make them happen. Figure out your giant leaps and then break them down into baby steps. You’ll […]