It’s All About Me, It’s Personal and Best is Best

I just read this great post – Resolved: Stop Blaming the Pancake over on 43 Folders and it occurred to me…

It’s All About Me.
On New Year’s Day 2009 I made the resolution to never make resolutions. I’ve stuck to it and wow! what a difference it has made in my life. I have been happier, had less stress and accomplished more.
That’s not to say I am blindly stumbling along in life either (see Don’t Waste Your Time With Goals) but I am doing what I love doing, when I want to do it. I am learning not to worry about what I can’t control and focus on the commitments I have made to myself.
This frame of mind change is a work in progress since for years I used New Year’s Eve and Day to write my vision for the year and plan goals in every area of my life (personal, family, professional and community). But all that did was stress me out over things I couldn’t control and depress me when I spent New Year’s Eve dwelling on all the things I wanted to happen and didn’t happen – blaming prospects who didn’t buy, kids who, oddly enough, had their own ideas on what makes them happy (go figure) and a host of other things that didn’t happen the way I wanted them to.
I took to heart the idea of commitments (again, see Don’t Wast your Time With Goals) and came up with 8 that really are important to me. I didn’t set out to make a certain number of them or to make ones in certain areas of my life. They are just 8 things that I commit to doing for myself. They don’t rely on anyone else doing anything. These are for me. Some are personal, some are professional and some family but – wow – blinding flash of the obvious!…
As I wrote that last sentence I realized – they are all personal. They are all things that I want to do for me, myself and I. Whether they relate to my business, my health, my whatever – they are all personal. No one can do them for me, only I can do them. They are ultimately for me. They might influence someone else’s life in some way but I have no control over that; that’s up to them.
Meg Ryan’s character in “You’ve Got Mail” makes this point perfectly – at one point Tom Hank’s character says something like, it wasn’t personal, it was business. And she comes back and says “It was personal to me.” And then she goes on to say that shouldn’t everything be personal? Her point being that even in business matters, it’s all about people.
And it really is all about me and no, that’s not a selfish thing. It is self-ish. But since I’m the only thing in my life I can control – then yea, it’s all about me.
It’s personal.

P.S. The most important commitment I made to myself is To Do My Best. And then let it go. As that renowned philosopher, Hawkeye (from MASH fame) said, “Best is Best.” And that’s all there is, there ain’t no more.

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