September 2, 2014

Product Launch Support Services from Sandra Pearson at eProVA

ePro Virtual Assistance announced their successful completion of the Product Launch Support Specialist Certification at VAClassroom.

Sandra Pearson, founder of ePro Virtual Assistance, announced that they have successfully completed the one-of-a-kind VAClassroom Product Launch Support Specialist Course designed to equip Virtual Assistants and Online Professionals with the skills to launch all types of products on the web.

It is no secret that the world has been going through tough economic times over the last few years in what has been called the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. At the same time, entrepreneurship has grown, and new and existing businesses have started launching all types of digital products online. As Social Media gains more and more prominence, entrepreneurs have discovered the value of building a following and are now seeing the Internet as the easiest, most cost-effective and robust channel for their product launches. The challenge is that there are so many important aspects to successfully launching a product online, and many businesses fail because they do not have a workable system for facilitating their product launches. Consequently there is a desperate need for a “product launch support specialist” to help manage a business’s pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities. That is why ePro Virtual Assistance is excited to be adding Product Launch Support skills to their business, having gained cutting-edge knowledge, tools and tactics that enable them to fully coordinate and implement their clients’ online product launches from start to finish.

In VAClassroom’s Product Launch Support Specialist Program, the ePro Virtual Assistance Team was taught the building blocks of a powerful online product launch, including how to conduct a product feasibility assessment and how to build an effective product launch strategy and action plan. They also learned the steps to creating a product launch success sequence, including mind-mapping tasks in the pre-launch, launch and follow-up phases, and recruiting and managing a product launch dream team. In addition, they received training in developing squeeze pages, free offers and video for the pre-launch phase and learned how to leverage blogs and Social Media to build buzz and anticipation, ultimately building a timeline of activities for a launch. Furthermore, they learned content syndication and product launch socialization strategies to build a targeted audience, as well as strategies for evaluating results to prepare for the next launch. Most importantly, with innovative product launch support skills and tools, ePro Virtual Assistance is now better equipped to provide the most relevant services to their clients to help them effectively promote and launch all types of products on the web.

ePro Virtual Assistance is a full service Virtual Assistance firm specializing in Web 2.0 services for Internet Marketers. Having received the Product Launch Support Specialist Certification, they are pleased to add cutting-edge Product Launch Support services and tools to their business. This certification also entitles them to ongoing training as technology develops so they will continue to offer quality up-to-date Product Launch Support skills to their clients.

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