August 29, 2014

Virtual Executive Assistant – How Your Company can Save Money

Have you started your online business but feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to do all the daily operating tasks that need to be done as well as marketing your site? It’s not easy and certainly not a one-person job, which is why you might consider a virtual executive assistant to help you with all those daily tasks you struggle to carry out. Moreover, many of these assistants are also trained in Internet marketing, so you can make this part of their job duties and get two benefits that can truly help grow your business.

The virtual executive assistant is a relatively new career field that many people have begun to follow because it allows them to work from their home office and not have to fight daily traffic getting to and from a traditional secretarial job. In addition, because the virtual secretary is still being fine-tuned since it is such a new position, it allows people to branch out from secretarial work to marketing and other more interesting ventures that were simply not available working in an office setting.

For companies, hiring a virtual executive assistant or using them as a contractor is an effective way to save money. Many online companies have assistants that work all over the world and often these people never meet face-to-face thanks to the amazing technological tools available today. By having them do marketing, they can help boost traffic to your website and even begin target marketing; getting traffic to your site that was specifically targeted and looking for the product or service you are selling.

A Virtual Executive Assistant can handle newsletters, another great marketing tool, in addition to their other duties. And don’t forget about social media, these avenues are an excellent free way to get traffic to your site. Your assistant can set up a Facebook page and of course, have a link back to your website. You can have your assistant update the page daily so that it is always active and professional. Before long, you will see an increased flow of traffic, more sales, and you will wonder how you ever got along without your new Virtual Assistant.

Finally, do your homework when selecting a Virtual Executive Assistant to work with your company. Many experienced virtual assistants will have a standard fee, so keep this in mind when you are hunting for someone who can assist you in growing your online business.

Please, No More! Ok, One More.

Ok, Just when I say – no more RSS subscriptions! I mean, I gotta sleep sometime, right? And maybe actually implement some of the ideas I read about? Yea, you guessed it, along comes a blog I just can’t live without.

This one is More Caffeine Please. Now normally I’m not allowed caffiene since I tend to be a bit, um, high energy shall we say? But this caffiene is good caffiene thanks to Chris Digneo. Check it out at

But here’s the real dilemna – I’m an information junkie. And in the internet business world that’s a good thing since this stuff changes at lightening speed! So how to keep up?

Well, if your brain is like mine and just never stops. I find Podcasts to be the perfect answer because I can get great info at times when my brain would normally be stagnating. You know the times – driving, cleaning the bathroom, making dinner, pulling weeds and the list goes on. I mean, if I don’t sometimes clean the house then some government agency or another will come haul the kids away. (hmmm, wait a minute, I might be on to something here. – Just kidding!) But seriously, none of those chores are rocket science so what’s my brain to do? The answer?


There’s some really great stuff out there and I love ‘em! My favorites are:

Internet Marketing This Week – Ed Dale and Paul Colligan are two of the panelists and they always deliver quality.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Personal Journals – always entertaining and informative – what more could you want?

Media Hacks – Pearls of wisdom from Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel, and C.C. Chapman among others. Wow – great stuff here!

Just go to iTunes and search the Podcasts and you’ll find these and a lot more. Also check out iTunes U. I took a really fun course on Philosophy and there’s another one I’m going to do on Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. All free! I love free, it’s my favorite price.

And it’s not all business either, there’s all kinds of good stuff there. When I need a brain break I really enjoy the old time radio shows you can find on iTunes. Great fun!

So if you’re like I used to be and just go to iTunes when you are looking for somethign specific, then take about 30 minutes and just go shop it. I have no doubt you’ll come away with some great audio downloads. Who knows? You might actually start looking forward to housework!

And one last little tidbit – I’ve gotten so hooked on audio that I’m starting a podcast of my own in about a month. Right now I’m taking a course on all the tech stuff so soon I’ll be able to help clients with production too!

Stay tuned!



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