27 Must Have WordPress Articles, Tools, and Resources

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Why a Blog Should be Your Marketing Cornerstone. Now that you understand why you need a blog, let’s talk How. The How, is WordPress. If you already have a blog set up and it’s not on WordPress, some of these resources will still be helpful. If you […]

The Blog Comment That Doubled My Business

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I recently got a phone call from a prospective client who was interested in outsourcing his internet marketing. I asked him how he heard about me and he mentioned a comment I had made on a blog post over a year ago. While I was thrilled to hear it, I wasn’t surprised. That one blog […]

Social Media – Professionally Speaking

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In the beginning… Before Facebook there was MySpace. And then Twitter came along and somewhere in there LinkedIn set up shop. Everyone jumped on the band wagon. Some were just having fun, like my daughter on MySpace and some were focused on getting some serious business done on LinkedIn. Some sites were clearly just for […]

Internet Marketing Support – How to Benefit from It


Do you have a website that isn’t getting the traffic you need? There are over 230 million websites online today. That means you have a lot of competition and attracting people to your website takes some Internet marketing support that you probably do not have right now. Many people in the past assumed that making […]

Training, Certifications and Associations


INTERNET MARKETING TRAINING AWAI – Copywriting and Web Copywriting Courses VA Classroom Virtual Pathways Certified Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist Certified Traffic Geyser Virtual Assistant Podcast Marketing Certificate of Completion Keyword Research Certificate of Completion Social Network Design Certificate of Completion Blog Mastermind Membership Mastermind Become A Blogger Premium Niche Profit […]